Trade stress for serenity

...without missing a thing

Stop checking your phone—WEFT changes texture to let you know when something important is waiting for you.
No beeps, no buzzes, no flashing lights: just you, in the moment, in control of your time.

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Discreet + Distraction-free

WEFT uses custom electronics to dynamically change the perceived texture of a flat surface—that means nobody but you can feel when it's active, and there's no buzzing, beeping, or blinking to interrupt you. There are few analogues to the feeling you get from an electrovibration interface: it's part squeaky-balloon, part ghost-corduroy, and part flypaper. You've got to try it!

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Versatile and Extendable

We're focused on building respectful, innovative products that enhance human interactions. But since electrovibration isn't a very common part of contemporary electronics, we want to see what you'd make, too! An upcoming breakout board will let anyone—hobbyists, artists, UX/UI prototypers—experiment with the phenomenon and compose their own patterns.

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We've been working with hardware, software, and experiences for over a decade, from developing a critically-focused, beautiful piece of intelligent furniture, to a sub-$100 thermal camera, to helping build the Arduino community's favorite IoT platform. We can get this done, but we need your help!

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Hardware UI/UX specialist

"I've never felt anything like this before - it's going to change how I use my phone!"

Attendee, NY Hardware Workshop 2016

Associate Arts Professor, Physical Computing

"I WANT this in my phone"

Alpha device tester, 2017

UX Designer, NYT

"Whoa - that's real!?"

Alpha tester, 2017

About Us

WEFT makes objects that help you be your best self, by reducing distractions and letting you focus on what matters most.

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